Shipping & Delivery

Order Status/Processing, Turnaround Times & Shipment Tracking.

Where is my order?
Please refer to the information below to guide you in finding an answer to all your Sharingpick order-related questions.
Order Status & Tracking
To track an current order, please log into your Sharingpick account and review your Order History.
There are 4 Stages of Order Status
Pending: We have received your order request and are in the process of manufacturing the product..
Processed: Your order request  is in the creation phase or is awaiting shipment.
Shipped: We have queued your order request for shipment. In the case of detectable packages, a tracking number is issued at this point. Kindly keep in mind that if your order request was queued for shipment after standard shipping times (6PM) or on a weekend, at that point it was not put in transit until the coming business day.
: Your order request has been formally removed within our system. If you are not sure why your order has been cancelled, please contact Customer Support team.


I just placed an order request online? How long it may take before I receive it?
Well, that depends. In most cases, Sharingpick’s products manufacturing starts only after a customer's order is received. It can take from 1 to 5 business days (business days excludes weekends/ holidays) to produce your order. You will receive a shipping notification email with an tracking number when the order ships.  

How are the orders shipped?
We ship by Delhivery in india . Delivery time is 1 to 7 business days (business days excludes weekends/ holidays) depending upon the shipping address. International orders ship by DHL eCommerce - please refer to the International Orders section for further information.


Where do orders ship from?
All products ship from our Mumbai warehouse in India.


Do you have any shipping offers?
Yes, for Indian  orders we offer Free Ground Shipping if the cart total is 1500 or more. If you are using a discount code, your cart total still must be 1500 or more after discount has been taken to qualify you for this offer. Offer valid only to orders shipped to an Indian address.



Do you ship the orders Internationally?
Yes, we do ship orders internationally by DHL eCommerce. We deliver to the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada,  Denmark, France, Finland, New Zealand, Portugal, Israel, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom and United States. If your country is not mentioned, you cannot place your order online. Please contact our Customer Service team at if you have any questions.

Will I be charged Custom duties & Taxes on international order?
International orders may be subject import or custom duties, tariff and taxes (when the order request is placed over on the*). Fees charged depends on the country of delivery, and need to be paid to the local tax authority in your area upon receipt of your package. The shipping charges you pay to Sharingpick does NOT include any potential Customs import taxes, duties, or brokerage fees. These is your (customer) responsibility to pay. Unfortunately, Sharingpick has no influence  or control over these fees. IF YOU REFUSE to pay the Customs fees and duties when your order arrives, the shipment will be returned back to Sharingpick & we will be charged the Customs fees/ duties plus the return shipping costs.

Therefore, we DO NOT issue discounts or refunds for Customs & brokerage fees or outbound shipping and return shipping if you decline to pay these fees. The cost of these fees and shipping/delivery charges will be deducted from any refund, return or gift certificate issued on your order. Sharingpick is currently unable to to anticipate regardless of  whether or not you will be charged a fee or what that fee may be. Kindly contact your local customs office for further instruction.

Please note:
Delivery/ shipping charges will be paid & covered by the customer. may not guarantee delivery/ shipping times or dates due to circumstances beyond their ability to control.

International shipments can be delayed by the customs process and/or other unexpected circumstances beyond Sharingpick’s control.
If you select "Standard Shipping" option DHL shipping (5-12 days) , you will NOT be able to track your requested order. By choosing DHL shipping, your order package will leave our manufacturing facility and neither you nor Sharingpick will be able to see the  delivery/ shipping status of your order.
If the ability to track the order pack in transit is essential to you, please recognize selecting the Express Shipping option which utilizes a different carrier. With this option, tracking on your order will be available for the integrated transit process.

Calculating your shipping rate
Considering there are so many variables in creating a basic shipping quote, we suggest that you place a mock order to get the most detailed pricing figure. You need not make any purchase to do so.

You can create your own price quote by adding the products you are considering for purchase to your shopping cart. If in case this is your first time using the Sharingpick checkout, you may be asked to create a Sharingpick account, add a shipping & billing address and enter necessary  payment information (like a valid credit card, debit card, PayPal, Paytm  #) in order to continue on to the page with the shipping estimates. Be rest assured that you will not be charged unless you continue all the way through to the completion of your order request (and the Order Confirmation page).

Once you have already entered the desired information required to provide the estimate, the various available shipping options & relative pricing will be visible. This page will also display an overall price for the order, including product, tax, custom duties (if applicable) and shipping**.

Kindly note that both product & the shipping prices are subject to change. Price Quotes created  using the method mentioned above are only accurate for the browser session during which they are created. Prices visible during previous sessions will not be honored.

**The cart does not display customs duties or taxes for internationally bound packages ordered through the site. For more information on custom duties or import taxes, please contact your local customs office.

**In the case of orders placed through Sharingpick’'s International web portals, the local tax and customs fees are covered by Sharingpick. Separate customs charges or taxes will not apply unless the order is shipped outside of the region covered by the portal's noticeable agreement with the local customs office. For more information, on what to expect when ordering through one of the Sharingpick international portals, please select your local Sharingpick site:


Safety First Shopping Experience
Your information is secure while shopping on Sharingpick. Our SSL secured servers are tested daily to safegaurd your data will arrive privately, securely & unaltered.

Holy Ship!
We produce and ship fast, really fast. In fact, making your products in 24 hours has always been our practice & our utmost priority... we hate waiting, too! (Exceptions: Please take note of that Dark Apparel, Photo Sculptures, Sharingpick Custom Stamps, Framed Prints, photo prints, 3D printed products, photo enlargements & Embroidery take slightly longer than 24 hours to ship)

Bring about Total Happiness
Your satisfaction is our top & utmost priority. If you are not absolutely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a credit, refund or full exchange within 30 days of receipt (regardless of customization)*
* Some Sharingpick products are subject to special return restrictions. See below for details.

*Shipping estimates will vary depending on the shipping method you have selected at checkout, and are not included in the manufacturing turnaround times posted above.

Important Shipping Terms Defined
Large or Bulk Orders: Quantities of 50 or more pieces of any given product are considered "High Volume Orders(HVO)” & may add upto 2-3 more business days to the time-frames mentioned above.
Business Days: Sharingpick and its couriers (Delhivery, DHL, FedEx & the India Post) all consider "business days" to be Monday through Friday, not including holidays or scheduled service delay or interruptions. Please check with your local postal service for all other regional restrictions and recognized holidays that may delay the receipt of your shipment.
First Day in Transit: Sharingpick and its couriers (Delhivery, DHL, FedEx & the India Post) all consider the official "first day in transit" to be the business day following the pickup of the package.

Inactive/ Invalid Tracking Number?
How soon (after the order is queued for shipment) will I be able to track my package?

If you have selected a shipping method that is traceable, please be advised:
Tracking numbers do not become active on couriers service websites until after the delivery driver picks up and scans the package. In most cases, the initial tracking info will not be made available in their online tracking systems until the packages have reached the main sorting facility (mostly after 8:00PM IST on the day of pickup).

Please check your order status page or your shipping confirmation email to look at when the package was queued for shipment from our production facility.

If your order request was queued for shipment after standard shipping cutoff times (6PM IST) or on a weekend, then it will not be picked up by the courier service until the following business day. Delhivery, DHL, FedEx & the India Post all recognize business days to be Monday through Friday, not including holidays or scheduled service interruptions.

Please check with your local postal or courier service for all other regional restrictions and observed holidays that may delay receipt of your shipment.


Are you Experiencing a shipping delay?
Once you have received your Sharingpick shipping confirmation, kindly feel free to contact Customer our Support Team if your package is taking longer to be delivered than was specified to you during the checkout process.

Direct links to on-site Order History
To track an existing order, please click on the link corresponds with your local Sharingpick International portal (where the order was placed): Kindly visit at


Domestic Shipping Services & Rates (India)

What are the available domestic shipping services? and How do I find out what it will cost to ship?

Domestic Shipping Services
Sharingpick offers 3 simple shipping options for orders shipped within the India. You can choose from Express, Premium & Standard shipping services. If you want your order ASAP, Express shipping will deliver your order to you in 1 business days from the date of shipment (after manufacturing). Kindly allow 2-3 business days for our Premium Shipping service, and 4-7 business days for Standard service. Available shipping options will vary depending upon the product type, quantity ordered, and address type.

For more detailed information on the details of the services mentioned above (and our posted manufacturing times), .

To track an order request through your Sharingpick account, login and visit the Check Order Status Page.

Special cases
If you want to request shipping your order to a PO Box, please pick the Standard shipping option. A variety of carriers deliver your orders, however we are pleased to use the Delhivery and India post for most of our domestic shipments.

Shipping "Upgrade" promotions & discounts

The Shipping "Upgrade" promotions & discounts are designed to alter/reduce the price of the offered shipping service. You must Choose the specified service at checkout to take leverage of the promotion & discounts. For example: A promotion & discount for an upgrade to Premium shipping will introduce to the Premium shipping option (on the shipping/ delivery selection page of checkout) for the ground shipping price. You will need to choose the Premium shipping/ delivery option to take advantage of that particular promotion & discount.
Free Shipping Promotions & discounts offer a designated shipping service for free. You must select the specified service at checkout to take leverage of the promotion & discount. For example: A promotion & discount for Free Standard Shipping will be present in the Standard shipping option (on the shipping selection/ delivery page of checkout) for free. You will need to choose the Standard shipping option to take leverage of that particular promotion & discount.
In both cases mentioned above, the discounted service is not always selected automatically for you. You must to select the suitable shipping service for each shipment on your order.
If the shipping/ delivery service in question does not show up as a selectable option, then that service is not available for the shipment based on the restrictions or regulations of the promotion & discount (See #4) and/or the transport limitations unique to Sharingpick portal you are ordering through and the product types you have chosen to order.
Nearly all Sharingpick shipping promotions & discount are depending on restrictions based on product type and/or quantites ordered. See your specific promotion's legal copies for details.


Changing the Shipping Method on an open Sharingpick order
As with Product Details, once an order has been finalized through the checkout procedure, the shipping method selected at checkout cannot be altered. However, you are free cancel your current order to make changes and resubmit the order, as long as the order is still in "pending" status ( & has not yet entered our production stream).

Mostly, you have 1 hour from the time your order was placed to cancel the order (through your Sharingpick account) and make any changes you deem necessary. Canceling your order in this manner would automatically add the cancelled items back to your shopping cart where you can make edits (by clicking on the thumbnails of the things you wish to change, making the edits, and then re-adding it to the cart). Once the desired products are in the  shopping cart, proceed to the checkout and make the necessary changes to the shipping method.


Requesting for an address correction
Unlike product detail and shipping method, we do have the limited ability to change a shipping/ delivery destination up to the point where the order is queued for shipment. If you have made an error with your shipping/ delivery destination and the order status is still pending, we do recommend that you cancel your order (using the method mentioned above) and place a new order with your needed corrections. If the order has entered the "processed" status in your Sharingpick account and the “Cancel Order” button is no longer available, please contact our customer support team with your order number & corrected shipping address and a Sharingpick support representative will make every effort to have the address corrected before the product is queued for shipment.