Singer/ Songwriters/ Musicians

Songwriters always discover new song ideas and words that are memorable. You have those rhymes in that corner of your brain, explore it, write them on paper. Write something about which spreads happiness, sharing, joy, togetherness, friendship, love, healing, belief, success in the world. You can contribute by transforming your words into the rhythm of the song that inspires people around the world.

Singing and music is the art of producing musical sounds with vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) and broadens expressive communication of emotions and feelings such as joy, harmony, tenderness, happiness, excitement, Intensity, power, relaxation, peace, and serenity.

It enables you to meet and bring people together which encourages a sense of community. It Increases understanding and empathy between cultures. Singing/ music animates the body, mind and spirit. It elevates and enhances mood, reduces stress, uplifts spiritual level, encourages creativity, promotes bonding and does healing. It stimulates insight into inner meaning of words in flow of rhythm. Singing/ music is an ageless enjoyment, fun & laughter.

Singing energizes you. You are never too young or too old. It evokes therapeutic emotions and increases positive feelings of wellbeing.

Music Makes You Happier. You can compose & sing inspiring and motivational songs thats has powerful meaning. Music that is completely pure, pleasant, cheerful, joyful, bright, uplifting, mirth, rejoicing, grandeur, magnificent and songs of victory.

Join us in the journey of making difference in people's lives by creating motivational songs that will inspire people around the globe. Showcase your hidden talent, write impressive lyrics, sing with fantastic voice and compose mesmerizing music.

Tell us more about your experience in composing, songwriting and singing. Share your vision of composing inspiring & motivating songs that would spread the message of joy, happiness, love, friendship, sharing, unity and harmony in the world.