Photography is the art of capturing a moment in a film or a computer file. From the minute it was invented, has had an immense impact on the world we live in. It is the science, art and practice of creating durable images. If you immerse yourself in the world of photography you will be amazed at everything that it can offer you. It has also changed our perception of the world, the creatures in it and the events that come and go with life. Photography offers a provocative rethinking of photography’s impact on our lives, culture and everything that’s happening outside the image’s frame. It provides a unique opportunity to better understand the history, practice, and power of photography.

Join us to contribute and showcase your art of photography by taking inspiring images which have a strong message of sharing, happiness, joy, serenity, harmony, excitement, unity, togetherness, love, peace and so on. We also invite you to take snapshots of our sharing social events which will be conducted in the near future. Let your photography art inspire millions of people around the world.

Tell us more about your experience in photography. Share your vision of taking inspiring & motivating images that would spread the message of joy, happiness, love, friendship, sharing, unity and harmony in the world.