Filmmaker/ Story writer/ Actors

History is full of fascinating and fantastical stories. Dreams can provide good inspiration for a short film. A good script is key to narrative-based short films and a great calling card for a writer. Short film is a visual medium which provides a great opportunity to push the boundaries of what cinematic storytelling in picture can do. It can be anything from fifteen seconds to forty five minutes in length. The animation short films are thoughtfully written and beautifully animated, which makes it a most attractive piece of art, which turns your creative mind and showcase a masterful piece of work.

We vision for a short film with a neat and compelling storyline, pleasing cinematography and a couple of strong actors who can convey the message very effectively, engage and make positive impact to the audience. Discover a good story and develop it into a compelling script that might make a great short film. Make a short film with a purpose of inspiring others and capturing what makes people happy around the world. Even though they are short in length, these short films contain all the emotions like joy, happiness, harmony, togetherness, friendship, love etc that one can find in a full-length movie.


Tell us more about your experience in Filmmaking, script writing, acting etc. Share your vision of making an inspiring & motivating short film that would spread the message of joy, happiness, love, friendship, sharing, unity, and harmony in the world.