Sharing Challenge Club

Sharing Challenge is a personal & social phenomenon which works to generate positive social change by spreading happiness, gratitude, kindness, sharing and love. We strongly believe that happiness and sharing, are universal value which can change individuals and improve the world. Sharing Challenge builds a strong & vibrant community that spark innovation and social change activities & projects.

We amplify and strengthen our impact by cultivating a global grassroots movement of social innovators who work to bring happiness, gratitude, love, peace, sharing to their own communities. This is for the do-gooders with an itch to use their gifts, ideas, talent, values, love to make the world a better place to live in, welcome to the global movement that invites you to unlock the power of sharing & happiness to create a more peaceful, happier, purposeful, healthy earth.

Sharing Challenge is on a mission to make the 'every happiest city/town in the world' an even happier place and helping people achieve greater happiness in their lives. The basic idea is to spread happiness, joy peace, kindness, sharing and gratitude in the community. Spirituality of happiness brings a deep sense of healthy aliveness, inner bliss, wisdom and interconnectedness. Every minute of every day we are making decisions. Each small action that we take has an impact on our lives and also the people that are surrounding us. We have the power to make those decisions based in compassion, gratitude and kindness that can enable our generation to respond more responsibly & favorably to how we're conducting our own lives.


The Sharing Challenge club meets once a month. in order to discuss various factors related to happiness. The club’s goal is to provide a monthly opportunity for participants to have fun while developing a stronger commitment towards the attainment of happiness. Join the club for inspiration and tools for living a rich and happier life. Meet and make friends, connect with mindful people, learn new things and improve your happiness levels and cultivate the art & science of choosing happiness, gratitude, kindness and sharing as the basis of their lives.

The Club is for anyone and everyone that is interested in living a joyful life. The club will be run in a support (Self -Help)  social group format, including readings from the resource material, manuscripts, book, podcasts, documentaries discussion, and examples given by the leader & members and also do some social activities, book sharing, happy hour, food & clothes donation drive, trees plantation, clean the city, blood donation drive, educating homeless children, sharing activities in school & colleges etc. It is possible to choose happiness, gratitude, kindness, sharing -- come learn & join the club to make real difference in your life and the world.


Sharing feels good, makes you grateful, it makes your life more realistic. You will live longer, reduce anger, and have less stress. You'll have better focus, mood, better patience, enhanced relationships and enjoy your life while enriching & empowering others with your happiness, gratitude, kindness, sharing plus lots more fun! Learn to use happiness, gratitude, kindness and sharing to make a positive & real difference in your life and in the life of others! Sharing Challenge Club meetings will give you a rational, common sense and thoughtful approach to accept a positive view of life and the social activities will empower you to make difference in others life. We'll have speakers & mentors at our monthly meetings who will guide you on your journey towards happiness, gratitude, kindness and sharing.

Sharing Challenge club is open to all happy & joyful people out there of all ages, gender, faith, beliefs, city/ town or country etc.

We will spend our time talking about the importance of focusing on happiness, gratitude, kindness, sharing throughout the day.

Here are a few ideas for you to share with us...

-Why is it important to focus on happiness, gratitude, kindness & Sharing?

-How do you create happiness, gratitude, kindness & sharing in your life?

-What things do you do to share happiness, gratitude, kindness with others?

How happiness, gratitude, kindness & Sharing increases health & longevity?

Why Laughter Meditation truly is the best medicine?

Can we start a global movement to make Sharing more accessible to people as it was at the beginning of the mankind?

We have seen people who never thought they would be happy ever in their lives achieve sustainable happiness, gratitude, kindness, sharing and become inspirations for others as well.


The Sharing Challenge Hall Of Fame recognizes special people that have advanced the cause of happiness, gratitude, sharing, peace, love and kindness throughout the world. The award is designed to celebrate, empower and encourage incredible people that have made other people happy & joyful. The Hall honors the notable philanthropists, socialists, athletes, writers, business leaders, artists, teachers, job creators, entertainers, doctors, innovators and people that inspire & empower.

Sharing Challenge Honorees will have an opportunity to walk the red carpet with their family, friends, mentors and coaches. The award winners will give an entertaining, motivating & empowering speech about the challenges they overcame to make the world a happier, peaceful, joyful place to live in. These inspiring speeches are videotaped and placed on the web so the wisdom, kindness and gratitude can be shared with the world.


Here are just a few of the many areas we will be focusing in the club. When people leave the Sharing Challenge club gatherings they are a lot happier, blissful, inspired, compassionate, serene and joyful then when you come and experience as it is so rewarding and gratifying  to know that it only takes 2 hours of your time once a month makes such a great long lasting impact on people's lives in this beautiful world.

Kindly RSVP the  Sharing Challenge Club events in your city/ town/ country. We can't wait for you to join us on our mission "Crusade to Inspire & empower Happiness, Gratitude, Kindness, Sharing,  Peace, Health & Longevity. We together can make the world better place to live in.

Join the force. Join the movement.

Join the revolution. Join the #SharingChallenge