Author/ Writer/ Blogger/ Poet

A Skilled writer/ blogger/ poet is a person who uses written words in various techniques and styles to communicate their creative ideas. Words are the raw material of their craft. They are able to use language to express their ideas & thoughts which contributes significantly to the cultural, inspiring and motivating content to the world.

You can write inspiring articles, poems, short stories, essay, Infographics, memes, Guides, Opinion post, How-to articles (For e.g. How to motivate people around you), Lists articles (For e.g. 10 ways to inspire people), Fables, Diaries, Autobiography, Character Sketches, Comic Strips, Journals, Handwritten Letters, Tall Tales, Ebook, Podcast, Research and original data and so on, for sharing challenge. The process of writing should be a joy in itself. We envision to inspire people by fresh and unique content which will motivate people around the world.

Open your mind to new experiences, by contributing your art of writing to make real difference in the world. Turn your words into inspiration. For a shorter piece like a blog post, a poem, or an article, you can contribute one or two hours or more in a week We Believe that you’re the only person who can do this, in spreading more happiness to make the world better place to live in. This will keep you more energized, focused, and inspired. Explore your inner voice. Live with passion.

Tell us more about your experience in writing articles, blogs or poems etc.  Share your vision of a motivating content that would inspire and spread the message of sharing, joy, happiness, love, unity, and harmony in the world.