Artists/ Designers/ Cartoonists

Designers & artists fascinates their artwork with imagination, creativity, motion and feelings. They are always looking to new ways to express themselves and try to capture the perfect moment to convey it to others. Happiness & joy is all about capturing the moments, where most people see a difficulty, they see an opportunity for self-expression. Designers & artists seek for perfect opportunity to put their creative design skills in practice for inspiring happy living around the world. They are great observers with true passions. They seek out new experiences by surrounding themselves with beauty and mindfulness.


“I believe that every human being has an understanding of art. What is separating us is smaller than what is unifying us.” -Thomas Hirschhorn.


We work closely with designers & artists, who are willing to motivate, inspire or spread happiness through their artworks. It can be anything like sharing challenge, sharing happy moments, smile, love, friendship, peace or unity posters for workplaces through painting, crafts, animation art, calligraphy, graphic art, sand art, portrait art etc. Cartoonist can also illustrate their motivating illustrated visual art by drawing creative cartoons. Come lets showcase your artwork and inspire people around the world

Do you want to be one of them?


Tell us more about your artistic experience / design and what could be your preferred means of    conveying / motivating / inspiring or spreading message of Sharing to the world : *